Make deployment part of continuous integration

Last year I started working with Cruise Control as continuous integration server. Continuous integration is very important for Agile projects, because it is a source of continuous feedback: without continuous feedback you can’t be agile. But I have been focusing on the unit testing aspect too much: I thought of Cruise Control as a mechanism to run all unit tests when it detects changes in the source repository. But a continuous integration server can do much more than just running your unit tests.`

It can also build the war/ear and deploy it. This provides feedback on a lot of stuff that is hard to test otherwise:

  1. is the application able to deploy on the target application server? Often there are differences between the development and production environment: different operating systems, different versions of the application server, different virtual machines, different configurations, etc. Personally I don’t mind much if there are small differences, but the closer you get to the production environment, the smaller the differences should be.
  2. I use Spring for most projects, so are there errors in the applicationcontext? The best way to make sure the applicationcontext is valid, is to deploy. This could fail for a lot of reasons: an error in the jndi-name of the datasource for example.

If you make the deployment part of the continuous integration process, and make sure the build breaks when the deployment fails, you have a very good source of feedback.

At the moment I’m using Oracle OC4J as application server. I added a deploy target in my ANT script and this task is added to the list of targets that Cruise Control executes when it detects a change. Letting the deploy target drop the war/ear in a directory where it is picked up eventually is not enough btw, the build won’t break when the deploy fails.

2 Responses to Make deployment part of continuous integration

  1. Michael Slattery says:

    Great idea.
    It should also include all the functional tests executing on the deployed server. (Unit testing isn’t enough)

  2. Hi!

    If you use CruiseControl a lot, you might want to check out Kala which is a PHP version of the CruiseControl GUI with some enhancements. It’s ideal if you are already running Apache HTTP server on your CC server.

    I also agree that deployment should be automated. Most Java application servers provide a deployment tool for this so it is possible to make the build fail if deployment fails. If anyone cares, I have been using this task for OC4J:

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