4 June my first public presentation in Haren (Groningen)

My employer Xebia has organized a knowledge sharing session in Haren (Groningen, The Netherlands) on the 4th of June (starting at 17:00u) to get some exposure in the north of The Netherlands. The evening starts with a presentation about the Agile process (one of the main drivers within Xebia). But to show that we are not just about process, but also about hardcore Java, I’m giving a presentation about the Java Memory Model (JMM). After the presentations we finish with a bbq.

The last few months I have been increasing the frequency of doing internal presentations (twice a month we have a knowledge sharing evening) and in most (probably all) cases I have been talking about concurrency control in some form. In the autumn I want to speak at JFall, a Dutch Java conference, and I expect the subject to be the JMM as well. Speaking at this knowledge sharing evening is a good training for speaking to a larger public.

So if you want hear something about the JMM, the Agile process or do some networking, send me an email and I’ll try to get you on the guest list.

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