Detecting Concurrency II: an Example

Last week I wrote a blogpost about detecting multithreaded access on objects. To make it a little bit less abstract, you can find a report here (sorry for the lame file sharing mechanism). The report is created by running the tool on Apache Tomcat (a project with some concurrency problems).

In the first section you can find which fields are touched by multiple threads, and a few other statistics like the maximum number of read/writes by a single thread, and the maximum total number of read/writes by all threads on some instance. In the second report section you can see which instances were touched by which threads, and you can also see the overlapping fields (so fields touched by 2 or more threads).

4 Responses to Detecting Concurrency II: an Example

  1. Raoul Duke says:

    That is cool. And a tremendously useful tool. It sorta kills me that most people (even programmers, let alone management) are apparently clueless about the dangers of Java-style concurrency. They sorta throws stuff against the wall and hope it works. A tool like this could really help explain to people what is going on that they don’t notice, just because out of dumb luck nothing has crashed yet.

  2. Raoul Duke says:

    P.S. that file hoster didn’t work for me, bad url when i finally went to try to download it. Any chance you can put it up as an attached file on the blog, or somewhere more accessible?

  3. pveentjer says:

    I have send you an email with the report. If anyone else wants one, post a comment and I’ll send one.

    It is time to get my webspace (internet provider) up and running. It is a shame that wordpress doesn’t allow these standard formats to be uploaded.

  4. Santi Kumar says:

    The file hoster deleted the uploaded file. The feature seems more interesting and I want to use it in any concurrent applications. Can you please send me the report?

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