Speaking at JFall about the JMM

At 12 November I’ll be speaking at JFall about the Java Memory Model. This is my first presentation for a large crowd, but this year I have been speaking at least once a month at my employer about mostly concurrency related subjects (low level concurrency, java memory model , java.util.concurrent, databases, architecture and concurrency, fork join framework, mvcc, stm). A few days later I’ll be giving a similar presentation at the IB-groep. Eventually my goal is to give presentations on large international (Java) conferences to become a concurrency authority, and this should help me to get the cool assignments.

So if you want to know more about the JMM, go to my presentation and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

If you want to see my presentation (Dutch), you can check it here:

4 Responses to Speaking at JFall about the JMM

  1. Arjen says:

    Sounds like an interesting presentation, and I was planning to go see it. As I know from the discussions we held in the past that you are pretty much an expert on this subject. But turns out I got the flue last week so I wont be there. Good luck with your presentation.

  2. pveentjer says:

    Thank you for the compliment Arjen 🙂 And I hope you are back on your feet again asap.

  3. twistedmind says:


    I attended your session yesterday, and I found the presentation very good and informative on the Java Memory Model and consequences of using multiple threads in combination with multi-core processors.
    I’ve become also interested in STM and the implementation you’ve demonstrated, transaction memory looks like a good approach to solve concurrency issues.

  4. […] heb ik nog veel andere zeer interessante onderwerpen gezien, over het Java Memory Model door Peter Veentjer en Closures stonden me vooral erg goed bij. Binnenkort een […]

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