The Springforum has lost its pazzaz

I have been reading and posting on the Spring forum since before it became mainstream, to be specific I joined on 22 November 2004. And under the name ‘Alarmnummer’ I have placed more than 1000 posts (in most cases answers to questions).

But the quality of the forum has dropped dramatically. Perhaps it is caused by:

  1. Spring becoming yet another bloated environment
  2. closed design by Spring-team and not the community
  3. Spring getting too commercial

Thereby loosing touch with the community and especially with smart early adaptors.

Most questions I see on the forum are not about design any more, but in a lot of cases RTFM (Read the Fucking Manual) or UTFS (Use the Fucking Search) and not fun to answer at all.

2 Responses to The Springforum has lost its pazzaz

  1. Keith Donald says:


    I think you have to consider that the Spring forums are user forums primarily, and the Spring user community has grown a lot since 2004. Because of this, the general forum traffic is high, especially for the established projects, and a large percentage of that traffic is new users.

    For the emerging projects, or those that are working on major new releases, you will find insightful conversations between experienced users and the Spring dev team. Good examples of this are the Web Flow, Web Services, Blaze DS, dm Server, and Roo projects. As the project lead for Web Flow, and someone who has posted over 2,000 times since 2004, I can tell you I am extremely active when we are working on a major new release–Spring absolutely depends on smart leaders in the community to sustain and continually improve. Unfortunately, it’s hard to spot these kind of intelligent conversations when they’re also lumped in with volumes of RTFM and UTFS type posts.

    What do you think – you’ve been part of the Spring communiy since 2004, how do you think we should address these growing pains?


    Spring Web Flow Project Lead

  2. Costin Leau says:

    Hey Peter,

    I think you’re a valuable member of the community and, as Keith pointed out, am interested in your feedback on what is bothering you and how we can address that.

    P.S. Initially, I bumped into your forum post to which I replied ( before finding this blog entry.

    Spring Dynamic Modules Lead
    Fellow Forum Poster

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