Multiverse 0.2 release nearing completion

Multiverse is a Java based STM implementation and the 0.2 version is nearing completion and I hope to finish it before 1 July. The 0.2 version is going to be a very usable implementation, unlike the 0.1 release, where most configuration can be done by placing some annotations. For more information about annotation based configuration, see the following tutorial.

Goal for this release

The goal of this release it to make Multiverse really easy to use, so that users don’t get scared (there is enough time for that) and let them realise that Software Transactional Memory can lead to a complete change in the way they write concurrent systems.

Todo and future plans

To see what needs to be done, check the following page. If you want to see what can be expected in the future, check the backlog. In the next release improving performance and scalability, and support for writing efficient STM data-structures, are going to be the most important goals.

Moving to Codehaus

I hope to move Multiverse to Codehaus as soon as the proposal is accepted. Google code is nice, but Codehaus has better Java facilities (continuous integration server, Licenses for Java tooling etc).

One Response to Multiverse 0.2 release nearing completion

  1. EMeka says:

    I can’t wait to play with Multiverse.Good job.

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