Remapping a method with ASM

Last few weeks I have been working at home on Multiverse (summer vacation), a Java based STM implementation. I use ASM based instrumentation to transforms POJO’s (with some additional annotations) so that certain interfaces and method implementations are added.

With Multiverse 0.2, I did all the method generation by hand (manually written bytecode) and this is a very time consuming and error-prone task. That is why I came up with a different idea for 0.3: make an abstract class that contains (most of) the implementation, and move the code from that class to another (essentially the class has become a mixin). By copying the methods/fields instead of making the mixin a super class, it prevents imposing limitations on the class hierarchy. Luckily ASM has some functionality for this called the RemappingMethodAdapter. The problem is that this functionality is made to be used in the visitor api of ASM and not the Tree API and I’m using the latter one.

So I wrote function that iterates over the bytecode and transforms it. The problem is that this leads to more code to maintain and test. RĂ©mi Forax of the ASM discussion group made a suggestion that the RemappingMethodAdapter can be used with the Tree api because the MethodNode has an accept function.

So to make a long story short, this is the code I’m using to remap a method from one class to another. And I hope it helps other people struggling with the same problems:

public static MethodNode remap(MethodNode originalMethod, Remapper remapper) {
        String[] exceptions = getExceptions(originalMethod);

        MethodNode mappedMethod = new MethodNode(
                remapper.mapSignature(originalMethod.signature, false),

        RemappingMethodAdapter remapVisitor = new RemappingMethodAdapter(
        return mappedMethod;

    public static String[] getExceptions(MethodNode originalMethod) {
        if (originalMethod.exceptions == null) {
            return new String[]{};

        String[] exceptions = new String[originalMethod.exceptions.size()];
        return exceptions;

One Response to Remapping a method with ASM

  1. Hi,

    I found your blog during my search, and it looks like you have very good experience with ASM, I’m currently stuck in how to generate a new MethodNode with parameters; how the parameters could be written & passed to the MethodNode’s constructor..? could you please reply back to my email
    Thanks in advance.

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