Developing software is like working with iron

When I talk to family about my job, it is always hard to explain what I’m doing. Yes.. I write software.. and no.. I can’t help you with your Windows problems. But some parts of software development can be compared to working with iron:

  1. When you start, you can create small parts and connect them to create bigger parts, just like with Lego or Meccano
  2. When you have accomplished a lot, in some cases it feels good to do fine tuning and put the dots on the i by getting a very fine sandpaper and polishing it: just feeling proud.
  3. If there already is existing software and some parts aren’t not behaving as you want it to behave, you get a crowbar and try to bend it in shape. In some cases a crowbar isn’t sufficient and you need to get something like a sledge hammer or blowtorch
  4. In some cases the quality is that bad, that a sledge hammer will not help. The best thing to do is to melt everything and start from scratch.

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