About me

I’m a Dutch JEE senior consultant/architect with more than 10 years experience in the Java world. I currently live in Bulgaria and work for companies all over the globe.

My interests are concurrency control, stm, distributed computing, cloud-computing, enterprise/software architecture. I don’t care much about classic middleware, but I do care about interesting applications. Especially ones that process large amounts of data, batch processing and distributed/scalable applications. I’m also very interested in software quality/refactoring/patterns and language design.

Open Source Software

I’m working on the following projects:

  1. Founder of Multiverse: Java based software transactional memory that uses Multi Version Concurrency Control.
  2. Committer on Hazelcast: Java based datagrid implementation
  3. Founder of Hazelblast: A Java based layer on top of Hazelcast the provides transparent remote interfaces
  4. Committer on: Akka: Java/Scala based framework for creating scalable and distributed applications using actors and STM.


  1. November 2011 – JUG Schotland – Java Memory Model
  2. September 2011 – Strange Loop conference – STM silverbullet or…
  3. November 2009 – JTeam Meetup (Dutch Java Get-together) – Software Transactional Memory & Multiverse
  4. November 2009 – Devnology (Dutch Java Conference) – Software Transactional Memory & Multiverse
  5. April 2009 – J-Spring (Dutch Java Conference) – Software Transactional Memory
  6. November 2008 – J-Fall (Dutch Java Conference) – Java Memory Model

2 Responses to About me

  1. Jakob Jenkov says:

    Hi Peter,

    I see you are writing a lot about Java Concurrency. I have been writing some about that too, on my website, http://jenkov.com . I was wondering if it made sense to somehow cross-link between our texts / sites for the benefit of the reader?

    My concurrency trail can be found here, if you should think it interesting at all. It mostly focuses on the basic problems of Java Concurrency. I haven’t read all your posts, but it seems many of them focus on detailed issues with this or that situation. Very useful. If I am right, perhaps our different focuses on the topic could be combined somehow…?!?


  2. snnn says:

    Hi Peter, Where can I download the Multiverse 0.7 release ? I can only found the snapshot version.

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